Friday, April 15, 2005

Well, hear nearly a week now. Flight was long and uncomfortable. Apparently KLM window seats are in the middle of the plane with a wall six inches in front of you... Very tired when I got to Shanghai so wandered around in a daze to try and keep awake in an effort to switch to China time. Shanghai is crazy, like someone picked up Hong Kong and dropped it over old China.
Second day went to the Jade Buddha (yufo) temple and then to the excellent Shanghai museum in the afternoon. The museum is big and has lots of ancient bronzes, paintings and more. I hadn't quite finished when it closed.
Wednesday got the comfortable train to Suzhou. Suzhou is famous for gardens and canals which I saw some of in the afternoon there. In the eveing went to have dumplings and ended up at an australian bar that had just opened for a beer before going home. The place was empty apart from the staff and some of their friends. Played table football with them (got beaten) and Chinese chess (got thoroughly beaten) and talked to one young journalism graduate for as bit until he had to go to his job as a waiter.
Next morning went to Hanshan temple, famous across Asia because of a poem and somewhere I wanted to visited as it's the place the crazy monks Han Shan and Shi De used to hang out.
Yesterday came to Nanjing and am staying in the massive Foreign Students dormitory in a very nice and cheap room. Going to be here for a couple of days before heading to the hills to do some walking.

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