Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Well, got up at 5:40 this morning (about bedtime in the uk...) to go to Huangshan. After some breakfast of rice porridge, pickles and boiled egg got on the bus to go to Huangshan. After it had collected everyone we set off and, as the weather was beautiful and sunny, I set off walking rather than using the cable car (I know, I surprise myself sometimes.) It is very beautiful up there and I have lots of photos although you do have to angle them right so they don't show the hotels or crowds of people. Actually, while wandering around the various peaks it wasn't too bad. Kept running into old people on the tour whose bus I'd used and having quick chats and my photo taken but also found some quiet spots to sit and admire the views or eat some lunch.
Headed down to the western steps to start making my way down to find it extremely crowded. There's a bit where the path is very narrow and traffic just stops with jostling and shouting and general overheated mayhem. Hate to think what it's like at a weekend or public holiday. still, past that wasn't too bad until, trying to find the way down I couldn't find a path that was not locked. So I ended up getting the cable car down which is probably a good thing because my knees probably wouldn't have enjoyed it and I'd forgotten to put any suncream on. It was occasionally chilly with the wind so I was generally covered up and wore a hat but I do have a couple of patches of sunburn :(
After a long wait am now back in town and soon to go to eat. But not snails.

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