Friday, April 29, 2005

Arrived in Ningbo about lunch time but there weren't any boats that day so I got ticket for the day after. With half a day to kill I wandered around the city a bit, seems like a nice place but not a lot to do. I did have an Indian curry for my tea, though, which was very nice.
Got the bus/boat to putuoshan the next day and ended up actually leaving an hour earlier as I managed to switch my ticket. Met Ray, who spoke english and helped me find a hotel and guide me round the island, visited a lot of temples and we climbed the mountain together before I had to leave on the nightboat to Shanghai. It was a really nice place, although I expect it is heaving at the weekends it was pretty quiet while I was there. Would have liked to have longer, especially as I can't actually tihnk of much I want to do here in Shanghai... O well. Fly back on Sunday.

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