Tuesday, April 19, 2005

After Nanjing I went to Jiuhuashan, one of the four holy buddhist mountains (although really a range of peaks). Arrived in the evening so the next day went out walking. To get near the top of one of the biggest ones I took the cable car (I had a painful blister from Nanjing, honest!) and met up with a couple of Chinese tourists. They didn't speak any english but took me under their wing and we chatted in my broken Chinese while walking and climbing around the top. They also bought me dinner and were overall top blokes.
This morning I came to Huang shan, a very famous mountain range which looks just like the China in the paintings (even more so than Jiuhuashan). Went out to visit some waterfalls and rivers this afternoon as I didn't have time today to go to the mountain. I climb that tomorrow!
Still no pictures, I'm afraid as the phone network seems not to like it. Heading to Hangzhou on thursday so I will try again there.

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