Saturday, April 09, 2005

I fly to Shanghai tomorrow. My packing is all ready and almost done - although it doesn't feel like I'm taking enough I seem to have everything I need. Currently looking forwards to three weeks away from the UK with the plan currently being to head out to Suzhou then Nanjing, Huangshan and Jiuhuashan before heading down to Hangzhou and relaxing by the West Lake. Finally hope to spend a couple of days on Putuoshan, a small island off the coast, before back to Shanghai for a bit of shopping and then back home.
I've been reading two guidebooks mainly; the Rough Guide and the Lonely Planet. While the Rough Guide is newer and seems to have much to commend it in terms of layout I have found it difficult to get some of the basic information I need. It's also a better "read" than the LP but too often it seems to adopt a slightly weary or even downbeat tone that contrasts with the LP's enthusiasm. So I've decided to take the Lonely Planet and leave the Rough Guide at home.
As well as occasionally updating my blog I'm hoping to post pictures from my camera phone to flickr so that I don't spend too much time in internet cafes. I guess we'll see how successful all this technology is over the next few weeks...

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