Monday, April 25, 2005

Now into the last week. Arrived in Shaoxing yesterday after a short bus ride. after checking in I headed down to the Lu Xun museum/former home. Lu Xun is a famous Chinese author from the first half of the twentiest century. He was one of the first, and best, writers to write stories in baihua, the common language instead of formal literary styles and addressed many of the socail issues of the time with a very critical eye.
After that got a pedicab who wanted to give me a short tour of some of the streets and canals and wnet back to rest in the hotel a bit.
Today went out to the massively underwhleming East Lake, basically it used to be a quarry until a lake was created next to it. It's an ok place to visit but wouldn't put it on anyone's must see list.
This afternoon will do a bit more wandering around. Tomorrow head to the island Putuoshan.

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