Saturday, April 23, 2005

Today got the bus to Lingyin Si, a Buddhist temple on the other side of the lake with a big statue of Sakyamuni carved from camphor wood. Being a Saturday the place was jammed with people so it was all a bit of a hassle. Had noodles for lunch and then decided to try and walk to Longjing village from there but ended up not finding the way (my map of Hangzhou seems to have given up for that area) so I ended up getting the bus there. Bought some tea - I think half my rucksack is now tea - Longjing tea is considered the best green tea in China. After that walked through the village following a path through the tea growing area before heading towards a big pagoda called Liuhe Ta. Stopped there for half an hour before heading back to town and am now very tired.
Tomorrow I head for Shaoxing for a day or so before going to Putuoshan.

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