Sunday, May 16, 2004

"You could be forgiven for not noticing it, but international endeavours to chart a path to nuclear disarnament fell to pieces this month as two weeks of fraught negotiations in New York between 188 countries ended in failure. The event went unremarked in the world's media." New Scientist Editorial, 15th May 2004.
Obviously it would be a bad idea for N. Korea to get hold of them, and we guess that Saddam didn't have any, but what exactly are the US, UK or, for that matter, French governments doing about their commitments to the Non-Proliferation Treaty? This recent CND report helps to shed a little light on the UK and I found this from the Seattle Post Intelligencer. See also the Greenpeace site for some background information.
Meanwhile, friends of the US can build what they like (and no, this time it's not Israel).
As it stands we are still, after fifty years, Seven minutes to midnight. But that's not news, is it?

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