Friday, May 21, 2004

GameSpy: The Annual GameSpy E3 Awards!: "Fargo: The Total War series is perhaps my all-time favorite game franchise. And now this. Rome may very well end my marriage. Rome will use up the rest of my vacation days from work. Rome will replace my wasteful desire to have children. Sometime before the end of the year my family will find me -- wearing a toga -- face down on my keyboard groping weakly for my mouse after a weeklong sleepless marathon without nourishment. 'We have to take you to the hospital,' they'll say. At which I will croak, through a dry cracked windpipe: 'Just ... one ... more ... turn...'

Funny story: At last year's show they showed us how the elephants could mow down hordes of troops with ease. They also mentioned that the best defense against elephants, historically, was to light a mob of pigs on fire. The flaming, squealing pigs would so freak out the elephants that they'd go amok. THIS year, they showed us the flaming pigs. I had waited 12 months for this. I was on the edge of my seat. The elephants came pounding down the hillside toward my legions. 'All right, let's send in the pigs!' the developers hollered. I was sweating with anticipation. At long last! Our superweapon unveiled! 'CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE PIGS OF WAR!' I bellowed. And so they lit the pigs on fire."
Official Site : Total War

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