Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Yesterday evening went out for a couple of drinks in Ningbo which was ok, although it being a Monday night it was pretty quiet. This morning I got a phonecall off one of the teachers I didn't meet yesterday inviting me over to have a chat about what to do and introduce herself. I also ended up watching the weekly raising the flag ceremony which is like assembly in the UK. After that I came back for lunch and to do some lesson preparation for the two classes I had this afternoon.
My first class was ok but not brilliant, but then it was my first one. The second went much better though and I enjoyed it. Both classes have about forty pupils and the classes are very much about learning by rote rather than encouraging the students to use the language for themselves but some of the kids are very bright and pick stuff up quickly. I guess it will take time to work out what I need to do to get the most benefit.
It's nice and sunny here at the moment so it has been pretty warm today. I think that it will start to warm up properly in the next few weeks.

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