Thursday, February 23, 2006

After I last wrote I got a phonecall inviting me into town to go for a meal with some other teachers who work in Ningbo. Had some nice food and some beers at the Shamrock before heading back for a few rounds of poker with the teachers here. I think I lost about 10p but I'm a bit hazy on that.
Sunday I decided to head back into Ningbo centre and have a walk around to orientate myself. It was raining but it was nice to stretch my legs. The only problem was when I went to get a taxi there were none around. I found one eventually though. Had a quiet night in.
Teaching this week has been interesting. One of the Primary school teachers has asked for some help teaching music but as I have no talent for music and almost none for singing I could only give limited advice. On tuesday went for a medical checkup which I had to pay for! And it looks like I'm definitely going to have to go to Hong Kong to sort out my visa even though we've shown the bloke who is supposed to look after the foreign teacher several government websites that say you can do it inside China. O well, it's a holiday, I suppose, and at least it will be warm...
Other than that not a lot to say really. Watched some DVDs, they have Korean food in the canteen now which is pretty good (there are South Korean students here, apparently because they've been kicked out of schools in Korea and are from rich families), and explored another nearby market which has a stall with Tianjin-style pancakes. Mmmm.

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