Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bad Login Page of the Week - Emusic

I've been meaning to start posting when I find bad login pages. They annoy the hell out of me. I understand that logging on is part of the process of creating the whole personalised, big love-in feeling that comes with returning to a site but there are times when it feels like the site just doesn't want to let me in.

Emusic is an example of where it has gone wrong but could easily be set right. When I visit emusic it remembers who I am - presumably through a cookie - and so gives me recommendations. Overall it's a pretty good service and they have some excellent music. But, whenever I "do" something, such as bookmark an album for later download or even make a purchase, I am taken to the log-on screen again. OK, fair enough, I don't mind validating that I want to make the purchase. Firefox remembers my username and password form me so all I should have to do is click on the log-on button or, more likely, press the enter key and sail straight through.

Except that the page is poorly designed. Instead of recognising that I already have an account, and that it even knows who I am, it pre-selects the "create account" option forcing me to click two things in thwo different locations. Then it follows it up by completely forgetting what I wanted to do, forcing me to do it again.

It's idiotic.

It's bad design.

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