Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Work has been very busy and looks set to remain so for at least the next couple of weeks. However I am feeling much happier about it than I was last week.
We went to see Monkey;Journey to the West on Saturday. It is an opera directed by Chen Shizheng with music by Damon Albarn and animations by Jamie Hewlett. It also has an outstanding cast of fantastic actors and acrobats which all combined into a fantastic, wonderful experience. The set and costume designs were great - really matching the artwork - and the movements of the actors amazingly well choreographed so it actually felt almost seamless as it switched between live action and animation. And this is despite having crappy seats with restricted view.
Much, much better than the Mahabharata.
And despite being busy and tired am making myself do some writing at last and work through my own, personally developed (and stolen) journal. Drew a picture of an apple today and some origami. And as soon as something is good enough to show I'll be sure to upload it.

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  1. Gary - off to china in a few weeks & thought I'd check out if you were still around to meet up. See you're not! Went to see Monkey too. Interesting stuff on your blog. Manchester is a great city - makes leeds seem very small minded - come across quite often for music & stuff. Hints for china? I'm travelling between Beijing & Shanghai. oh by the way, this is Liz, top floor merrion - happy days!


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