Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Entering into the final stretch now, only a few days until we leave Ningbo and head to Shanghai before flying back to the UK. Everything seems to have taken on a kind of serene calm before the storm, helped by the unusually warm weather making it feel like spring, although there have been a few goodbyes, boxes have been posted and some tears and arguments along the way.
Monday night was fun. We invited William, a chef, over to our apartment along with a few other people to have a night of learning how to cook. It was all a bit hectic but I now have the recipes for some of my favourite dishes, including gongbao jiding, a really nice sweet and sour soup, tofu and pumpkin, as well as a couple of things I wouldn't have known what to really do with before.
Not really sure how much chance I'll have to get online between now and going. I imagine I'll be able to use my laptop to connect wirelessly in some cafe in Shanghai but I hope to have more interesting things to do than that. Like visiting museums.

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