Monday, October 30, 2006

Some websites I've found interesting recently:

BoingBoing has to be one of my favourite "news" sites of the moment, just for the sheer amount of junk it throws up as well as interesting info on geeky stuff.

This is kind of like Google maps on steroids. It seems a bit slow but a nice way to waste half an hour.

More National Geographic, this time a whole area on world music with stuff to listen to.

The new, improved Google reader is much better, to me, than the old version and has just about replaced bloglines, so long as I'm on a fast connection. Now if only they'd implement being able to order subscriptions other than newest first.

Turn photos into ascii art.

Book on web design by 37Signals, the gurus of Web2.0

Finally, Nanowrimo is a website to support the National Novel Writing Month with a challenge for any writer (or wannabe) to write 50000 words in November.

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