Friday, May 12, 2006

So, after a short break it's back to work. Spent Sunday spraying for cockroaches and sweeping up the remains. Actually I'm still occasionally sweeping up the remains as there are more, er, victims every morning. Basically after having a cockroach jump at me for the third time after opening my fridge door (they like to rest in the space between the fridge and freezer doors) I'd had enough.

Teaching has been pretty fun, the kids seem mostly to be glad to be back (although one class was just so so when I asked them how they were). The only day that was a bit rough was Wednesday but that was entirely my own fault. I went out on Tuesday night for Noah's birthday and we had way too much beer and sake at a Japanese restaurant. mmm sushi. I also found out I had another story rejected on Wednesday morning.

And tonight it's Steven's birthday so it looks like I may have to do it all again. In the meantime I'm listening to Black Grape and enjoying an unexpected afternoon off as my tutor students are not back from Korea yet.

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