Sunday, September 04, 2005

Fundamental Bushcraft course

The leaf shelter
Originally uploaded by grazulis.
Last week went on a bushcraft course with Ray Mears' company Woodlore. The course is a week long and covers a lot of basic survival and bushcraft info. It is one of the most challenging and intense things I think I've done but it was also extremely rewarding. From natural cordage (using nettles and roots) to wood carving and starting fires the number of skills and projects through the week just kept increasing and I'm going to need some time to absorb it all. The head instructor, Juha, was really good, as were all the other instructors as well, pushing you on with a mixture of encouragment, advice and bloody-mindedness.
It's given me a lot to think about when I'm out walking now about the land around me and how it can be used. In fact I can't wait to get out again, although I may have to wait until I've stopped aching quite so much...


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