Monday, October 11, 2004

Went to Liverpool last Saturday to see Femi Kuti live at the Liverpool Philharmonic. I don't know why music like this is continuously forced into venues that are really inappropriate. Femi's music is to be danced to yet it ends up in a concert hall where everyone is forced to sit down and people who want to dance are told to sit down or herded into corners with bouncers continuously glaring at them. But the concert was really very good with a lot of new songs from his album (released in the UK today) as well as classics like Beng Beng Beng and an encore of his father's Water No Get Enemy. The energy of everyone involved was high and the performance as polished and professional as any. Didn't really like the support act very much as it was earnest but lacked the power and fun of Femi.
I managed to convince Soo to blag me a poster which was free if you bought a CD, which was very nice of her, as we already have the CD that was on sale. Seemed a shame that the new one wasn't available yet.
I forgot to take my camera along so no photos either...

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