Sunday, June 13, 2004

Went to Birmingham yesterday to see Mark, Carrie and Joe and to go out to a Chumbawamba at the MAC. The venue was a community centre with a kind of roughly built, open-air arena at the side. They started with an acoustic set with some of their more folky songs, or songs re-done in folk style, with some traditional songs thrown in. (Including the bad squire, stitch that, salt fare north sea (original), timebomb (complete with audience participation from the two blokes sat next to me)) Next they did their "electro" set, complete with dances and Danbert mixing cocktails. Some songs from the new album with some old ones; I have to admit I was a bit unsure about the new album. There was a lot of stuff I liked but it was all a bit, well, Chumbawamba, which I think was because readymades was so different and I've grown to really enjoy it. Still, hearing them live has got me liking it. The worst thing was when it all finished at 10. Young Joe enjoyed it and he got their autographs. They told him they were impressed he knew all the words.

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